PitchPoint POWERED


System Rules

Schedule D
System Rules
January 7, 2011

1. You (the Licensee or Authorized User of the Platform) shall control and maintain the security of all authentication identification codes and passwords ("Authentication IDs") supplied to or used by you in relation to the access and use of the www.pointservices.com site ("Platform").

a. The Licensee shall assign, record and control the issuance and use of all Authentication IDs.
b. You shall be solely responsible for all instructions, commitments and other actions or communications taken under your Authentication IDs, other identification codes or passwords. The Platform licensor(s) ("Licensors") shall have the right to rely upon any information received by the Platform from any person using your Authentication ID, and will incur no liability for such reliance.
c. You shall promptly report to your Licensee administrator any errors or irregularities in the access or use of the Platform or any unauthorized use of any part thereof and inform your Licensee administrator immediately if any Authentication ID becomes known to any third party who is not authorized to possess such Authentication ID.
d. In the event of any breach of the security measures established by the Licensors or Licensee, including use of the Platform by any unauthorized person, any Licensor or Licensee shall have the right to immediately terminate access to the affected portion of the Platform by you until such time as such breach has been secured to Licensors' and Licensee's satisfaction.

2. You shall be solely responsible for the acquisition, deployment, use and compatibility of all telecommunications or computer services and equipment, applications software, connectivity and/or facilities not provided by Licensors or Licensee.

3. You shall not:
(i) use the Platform for improper or unlawful purposes;
(ii) include, or knowingly allow others to include, any Objectionable Content or introduce Viruses to the Platform and shall institute such security procedures and safeguards as you deem necessary, but which are no less rigorous than those you employ to protect your network applications, to prevent the posting, uploading or inclusion of any Objectionable Content or Viruses to the Platform;
(iii) intercept or attempt to intercept any messages transmitted by the Platform that are not intended to be delivered to you; or
(iv) obtain or attempt to obtain any information contained on the Platform that you are not authorized to obtain, including any information or data of other users of the Platform.

For the purposes of these System Rules, "Objectionable Content" means content that infringes any applicable laws, regulations or third party rights, including, without limitation, content which is obscene, indecent, pornographic, seditious, offensive, defamatory, threatening, liable to incite racial hatred, menacing, blasphemous, misleading, deceptive or in breach of any person's intellectual property rights; and "Viruses" means a piece of code usually (but not necessarily) disguised as something else that causes some unexpected and, for the victim, usually undesirable, event and which is designed so that it may automatically spread to other computer users or permit unauthorized access; the term "Virus" will also be deemed to include worms, cancelbots, trojan horses, harmful contaminants (whether self replicating or not) and nuisance causing or otherwise harmful applets.

4. From time-to-time, Licensors may amend these System Rules and/or terms and conditions to govern your use of the Platform. The current System Rules will be available on the Platform. You shall comply with the System Rules, as in effect from time-to-time. Licensors' adoption of new or amended System Rules may be provided electronically over the Platform (in which case notice thereof will be deemed to have been given on the date such notice is posted on the Platform). Licensors will not be responsible for your failure to comply with the System Rules and shall not be obligated to enforce them against any entity.